Just... pray... please... :(

Funded! Rewards thrown in your face! Embezzlement charges filed!

Well, what do you know? Our hosting was funded by you, the most awesome person on the planet! As we speak, Mojo’s top engineer…

… is hard at work getting the new server set up, and the site shall rise again soon!

Of course, you can still fund this further, so give, damn you, give! Now, perks…

As mentioned, Mojo with .com and .co and .I don't know what, will be back online. Furthermore, the next iteration of the site, MojoEX, will launch in 2015.

And most importantly, Jason has delivered on the promise we promised he would make. Here he is, honoring our patrons, without an ounce of bile in sight!

Fund Mojo’s future through our #payformojo campaign! (Yes, it has finally come to this.)

You have known Mojo since 1997—that's eighteen years of sweet, sweet love. Of course, subtract our cumulative downtime, and the total is something more akin to a fourteen year on-again off-again relationship.

Our turbulent adolescent has been thoroughly documented, and, as we now finally have gotten control over our own domain name, we are running away from our host, like the rebellious teenager we are. Control over domain name + control over our own server = the potential for uptime exceeding our downtime. A novel concept!

And this is the point where we show we’re not too proud to beg.

Our strategic partners at Patreon has helped us set up a campaign to fund our server cost. Oh, we could have gone the site-ad route, but as we are all about our love for you, we don’t want to sully up that patented Mojo Experience™ you have come to expect.

For as little as $1 a month (or more—don’t be a cheap-ass!) you can help fund our server costs, and feel a little bit better about yourself. Perks? We won’t waste your money commissioning portraits of ourselves; instead every donor will be listed on the Mojo Wall of Fame, immortalizing you until some Brazilian kid hacks us off the internet forever! Other rewards? Check them out at the bottom of this post.

A mere $30 a month total will keep us online; everything above that will be spent on other… Mojo… type… stuff… (We don’t know yet, but it will benefit you in some way or other!)

For more information and for donation setups, check out our Patreon site. Then donate! Donate your little heart out! Tell your friends too! Hashtag the crap out of your tweets with #payformojo!

And always remember: Mojo loves you.